To all W-V-Vuaridel and related

I wish you a happy new year, full of serenity and new projects in 2022 !
As a reminder, the big family reunion is still envisaged for August 20, 2022. I hope it will possible to organize it, though it’s difficult to be certain of it right now !
As for me, here’s what I am up to :
– I’m finishing writing a 6-7-page article on Yvette Rosselet, born Waridel. She was a socialist and was elected as a member of the legislative body in Geneva in 1961. The article is to be published in the RVGHF (Genealogical review publish in Lausanne) in the autumn. This issue will look at women’s accession to political position, as Swiss women were allowed to vote from 1971 at federal level and already from 1961 in Geneva. Yvette Rosselet-Waridel was a pioneer as she started her political career as soon as it was open to women. My article studies especially the family and social background.
– I intend to renew and add content the family website, with the help of Nathalie Waridel.
– I finally hope to publish the 1st volume of my new series « Sources of the W-V-Vuaridel family ».
I also have to pleasure to announce that I have been elected as president of the Vaud genealogical Cercle, for the next two years.
I’m looking forward to the next family reunion and wish you God’s blessing for the next year.